You can pick your friends…

You can pick your nose…

But, you can’t pick your friend’s nose…

…unless you have my friends…then they’d probably dare you to pick their noses! Gross.

Growing up, I was fortunate that I was always able to float around between friend groups.

I wasn’t the popular girl, but I was welcome in the “popular girl” lunch table. I wasn’t a nerd, but I had good friends that excelled at school and are still today making amazing marks on the world as chemical engineers and doctors and lawyers.

I certainly wasn’t athletic, but if I wanted to play a game of soccer or go for a run, I always had someone I could tag along with.

You get the idea…

Now that I’m 26, out of college, work a full-time job, etc., I often reflect back on those days and think about the people I was friends with. Some I’m still close to, others not so much.

But boy, am I grateful for the friends I have in my life.

I’d say I have about 10 people I can really count on…friends who have seen me at my best and my worst…friends who will come sleep over at my house with me when my husband is gone because at 26 I’m still afraid of things that go bump in the night and friends that are willing to partake in a lot of the silly, crazy, ridiculous videos I love to make from time to time.

They love me for my weird, awkward, goofy self…and I love them dearly for that!

Thinking about these 10 (or so) people go me thinking about the idea of quality friends over quantity.

In fact, the other day I was upset over that idea that I only have about 460 friends on Facebook, where some people I know have thousands. Weird, huh? Especially because I maybe talk to 50 people on my friend’s list.

I then thought to myself, “You know what Ali, you have really good people in your life. And even if you only had 2 people on your friend’s list, as long as they were good friends, like would be good.”

Great words of wisdom Ali…you’re so smart 😉

But I was right…quality, especially as I get older, has become so much more important than quantity. And I am so happy that God has connected me to the people He has.

I need them in my life. They bring me so much happiness and love and laughter.

I love them so much I want to share them with you!

Click the image below to watch a video including some of my best buds. These guys are the bee’s knees and it’s always a blast when we’re hanging out.

Did they come for the candy or because they wanted to hang out with me? I’ll let you decide.

guys 2.png

Wishing you a lifetime of being surrounded by people who love you…