I hate to admit this, but I often find myself starting a project, then quitting several months in.

Take this blog for instance. I really enjoy it. I love writing. And when I first started it I was on here nearly every other day writing.

Then, I stopped.

I got tired. I got bored. I just didn’t feel like writing.

Do you struggle with this issue?

I first I told myself that I was burnt out. After all, I write for a living and I’ve been turning out a crazy amount of copy at work. And I believed myself.

But then, I began to look around at other things in my life that had been passionately started, then left in the dust to sit and linger.

As a writer, I dabble in sketch comedy and I opened my sketch drafting folder to discover at least 5 pieces that were only half written.

I was–keyword way–working on writing cookbook for a handful of my family members for Christmas. Through the site I was using, I had an entire FREE 30-days to get it done, but nevertheless, it’s sits housed online only 3/4’s complete and now I have to have $30 to continue the project.

Heck, I’ve got dishes sitting in my sink that I started soaking 3 days ago that still aren’t cleaned. Now, to be fair, there’s a good chance that the reason I haven’t finished washing them isn’t due to my tendency to not finish things. I honestly just HATE washing dishes.

But, you get my point.

Now here’s the good news…

There are many things that I do finish with ease.

For instance, every day I must show up to work and complete my tasks. If I didn’t do this I wouldn’t have a job.

I also have two furbabies that get fed, groomed, walked, and taken care of on a daily basis. I certainly won’t ever quit on them!

And every night–well almost every night (thank God for pizza Fridays!)–I cook for my husband and I because we need to eat.

I suppose at the end of the day that we as humans have to prioritize the things we need to do and the things we want to do.

Eating, working, and taking care of living beings inside my home are certainly priorities to be and I won’t ever get “bored” with them.

But here’s my challenge. Without encourage and reward and the responsibility to care for a living thing, how do I motivate myself to continue working on the more mundane things in life?

I would love, love, love to have a wildly successful blog that pays my bills. Wouldn’t we all?

I suppose the answer is to just keep plugging along, even if I don’t feel like it. You’ve got to put in the work to get the reward, right? The answer is yes.

But, I’m curious…what motivates you to keep going? What do you do to keep yourself on track when you get bored with something? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Please, do me a favor and comment below! I can’t wait to hear from you.

In the meantime, I’m going to reshift my focus and makes things a little more fun. Perhaps that means actually sharing a sketch piece with you so I have the motivation to finish writing one or sharing more recipes so I can continue to focus on finishing my cookbook. 🙂

We’ll see…

Until then, have a lovely week.